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Six months into their relationship, she discovered that he was seeing half a dozen other women, one of whom he’d been stringing along for two years.

All of them had received the couch-spooning treatment.

(John, who was white, pursued only Asian women, leaving his girlfriends with the icky sense that they’d been fetishized as well as deceived.) Still, romantic scammers aren’t an invention of modern courtship and its digital devices.

Hardly any subjects enjoy greater – public or private – interest than the art of flirtation and seduction.

We found that women report a sense of sexual obligation both to their male partners and, more surprisingly, to themselves.While some women were primarily concerned with their inability to live up to their partners’ sexual expectations, illustrating that the traditional feminine sexual script continues to thrive, many women also felt considerable social pressure to live up to a contemporary image of feminine sexuality that enjoins women to embrace their own sexual desires and experience sexual pleasure.We suggest there has been a shift in our culture regarding our expectations of women’s sexual performance, in that women adhere to aspects of both traditional and contemporary sexual scripts, and that contemporary constructions of female sexuality that emphasize women’s sexual pleasure are often experienced not as an option, but an obligation.Yet even without an official ‘boyfriend’ there are normally several text conversations with potential beaus buzzing away on my phone.I also tend to have a few guys on a low-level stalk on Facebook, and there’s always that frisson of excitement when an attractive man retweets one of my ‘LOLz-ier’ status updates. I wasn’t the only one of my girlfriends to leave early that night.

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W końcowej części rozdziału podjęta została dyskusja argumentująca zasadność różnicowania między indywidualnymi i ogólnymi reprezentacjami umysłowymi interakcji seksualnych, jak również próba przedstawienia aspektów mogących mieć wpływ na uzyskane różnice płciowe i różnice między polską a niemiecką młodzieżą.

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