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X files actors dating

Here's a fond look back at some of the screen talents we've lost this year.

playing Mary Richards, an independent single woman who becomes a broadcaster.

APeter Abrahamson Peter Abrahamson is a builder of animatronic puppets and robots.

His work includes movies such as Men in Black II, Hellboy and I Robot.

Known for his abrasive style of comedy, Rickles had a career that spanned six decades.

What you know him from: “Suicide Squad,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Requiem for a Dream” Why he could do it: He’s played a heroin addict, several murderers, and of course the diabolical Joker — so he’s experienced in taking on tortured and evil characters.

What you know him from: “Her,” “Gladiator,” “Walk the Line” Why he could do it: Known for playing erratic characters with a dark side, he had observers convinced he was losing it when he appeared incoherent on “The Letterman Show,” only to reveal he was in character for mocumentary “I’m Still Here.” What you know him from: “Game of Thrones” Why he could do it: With “Game of Thrones” coming to a close, Harington will be looking for his next big thing and playing the counter-culture leader could be a perfect fit.

According to Final Fantasy IV, the gil is named after the Gilbart family of Damcyan. Usually, the only time gil is seen is when using the Gil Toss command.

The currency is predominantly circulated in coins of varying value.

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