Wrt160n validating

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Wrt160n validating

This release has been a long time in development, and comes with the final release of Open Wrt Attitude adjustment and a brand new (back-end) package manager implemenation, written from scratch, hence the delay.The default Open Wrt package manager, opkg, has been replaced with gpkg, a package manager that is compatible with opkg, but smaller and with some new features absent in opkg.I have read most of the answers that seem relevant to this, but I thinlk my issue is different and I haven't found the answer. It has Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04.2 in a dual boot configuration. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n wifi controller and an Atheros Communications Inc. I have two Lynksys WRT160N routers connected to different WANs and using DHCP for LAN client conmnections.In Windows I can connect to the routers via Wi Fi and via wired ethernet.In Ubuntu, I can connect fine via Wi Fi, but ethernet connections 'try' for a while and then give 'wired network disconnected'.It appears I have the required driver and $ lspci | grep ^0[34] .0 Network controller: Ralink corp.In particular, the Wifi Schedule plugin is an incredibly slick way of scheduling wireless uptime written by forum user Bashful Bladder.Along with this, "webshell" and "logread" plugins are included for running a shell in the browser and easily accessing raw system logs.

New in 1.5.10: Installed in wr1043nd v1.8 from Gargoyle-ispy 2013-May-19 In test. Just installed on my WNDR3700v2 and is working like a charm so far.

The vulnerability doesn't require authentication. This Metasploit module has been tested successfully on the Air Ties_Air5650v3TT_FW_1.0.2.0firmware with emulation.

Other versions such as the Air6372, Air5760, Air5750, Air5650TT, Air5453, Air5444TT, Air5443, Air5442, Air5343, Air5342, Air5341, Air5021 are also reported as vulnerable.

Since it is a blind OS command injection vulnerability, there is no output for the executed command.

This Metasploit module has been tested successfully on a Trendnet TEW-731BR router with emulation.

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This Metasploit module has been successfully tested on D-Link DSP-W110A1_FW105B01 in emulated environment.

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