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Then if they’re responsive to that, I ask if we could meet for a networking coffee.” There’s even a new app, Be Linked, which allows you to search through Linked In by specific criteria such as location, essentially turning it into a Tinder-style database.Most people tell the truth on their Linked In profile, since there are real-life repercussions to describing yourself as the managing director when you’re actually a shift supervisor.

But it also apparently has a plentiful number of older men looking to use their career success to impress ambitious young women with their “mentorship” potential.We're all familiar with Linked In as a professional networking platform, but, with it being Valentine's Day, I think it's time to blend love and tech by visiting the idea of using Linked In to find love!Any other day of the year, this article might be a stretch for ZDNet; however, not only is this an exercise in searching for love, but you'll also be learning some investigative skills, as well as honing in on ways to use Linked In that will transpose well to professional endeavors you may seek in the future.In an article for, Larry Kim provides six reasons it's the best matchmaker on the web, starting with the fact it's a much, much larger network than any dating website - and it's full of potential mates.'The world is smaller than you think, and it shows on Linked In,' he says.

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“With Linked In, you can find men who might not be interested in signing up for a dating site.” She claims that she works long hours and is too busy to spend valuable time trawling through dating sites and then going on unsuccessful, mis-matched dates. She is very clear that her approach is not cheesy or inappropriate.