Game theory bayesian updating sims 3 booty not updating

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Game theory bayesian updating

I was just pointing out how a statistician would describe it. In game theory, a Bayesian game is a game in which the players have incomplete information on the other players (e.g.

This article sketches the basic concepts of the theory of games in order to discuss some of their philosophical implications and problems.

The posterior is clearly not uniform on $[-1,1]$; you're misquoting the result on conjugate distributions.

Player $B$ knows player $A$ signals only when $A$'s type is below $\pi^*$, and he updates accordingly As to the statistical specification, I think I understand the statement, but it could/should be infered that $p(t\in [-1,\pi^*]|\pi^*)=1, p(t\in [-1,\pi^*]|\neg\pi^*)=0$ since $p(t\in [\pi^*,1]|\pi^*)=0$.

I was working through a signaling game problem recently and the proof suggested the following: Actor A has a type: $\ \mathscr \sim Uniform[-1,1]$ Actor A gives signal $\pi^*$ that perfectly seperates types at $\pi^$.

In other words, $pr(\pi^*|\mathscr\in [-1,\pi^*])=1\ \&\ pr(\pi^*|\mathscr\in [\pi^*,1])=0$ (this is the likelihood) Actor B observes $\pi^*$, yielding posterior beliefs about actor A: $\mathscr \sim Uniform[-1,\pi^*]$. It appears that this process, as i read it, has the same prior and posterior distributions (uniform), yet the likelihood distribution is unspecified and the uniform is not a conjugate prior for any common distribution.

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given those beliefs, the individual must be playing their best strategy).