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As many of you know El Capitan is the new Operating system (OS) for the Apple Mac Intosh.With the release of this new OS last week some of you have found that your Xerox printers are not working. It really does come down to the model of Xerox printer you have.What we want to achieve is running the “purge” call first, then the data setup, then move on to the actual test case. When I run the tests, I get: Starting selenium standalone server...Selenium standalone server started at Calling api/v1/setup/purge Calling api/v1/setup/test .When you’re running end-to-end tests, chances are that sometimes you need to set up the system before running the actual test code.It can involve cleaning up after previous executions, going through some data setup “wizard” or just calling the raw server API directly. Protractor is a slick piece of technology that makes end-to-end testing pretty enjoyable.I would suggest to use a fake gmail id, and make sure that the email is working because the keylogger file’s will be emailed to this address. You will recieve an email at the email account you entered to check if the details you entered you entered are working or not. It will ask for a name and a location and after giving it that press ok and a dialogue will appear just like below.

Now click on Files and then open in the Res Hacker.

It wires together Node, Selenium (via Web Driver JS) and Jasmine, and on top of that it provides some very useful extensions for testing Angular apps and improving areas where Selenium and Jasmine are lacking.

To make this concrete, let’s say that we want to execute two calls to the server before interacting with the application.

The tactical model features night sights, a longer threaded barrel, a slide cut for mounting optics and magazines with a larger base plate.

The P227 is going to be a .45 ACP double stack pistol with overall dimensions very close to the P226.

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You can choose any file, here we are going to bind our keylogger with an exe file so you can choose any setup file or any file. After opening it you will see some folders as listed above in the Res Hacker.

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