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A spokesman for the pair said that while on vacation they discussed “the possibility of a future relationship”, but decided against it – presumably because one of them was still married, while both were acting for different factions in Leveson (Sherborne represented Hugh Grant and Patry Hoskins was on Lord Justice Leveson’s team). What taxes my brain are not the boundless vagaries of the human heart, which make fools of all of us.Once the inquiry ended, the duo changed their minds and are now together. No: I am specifically bamboozled by Sherborne’s and Patry Hoskins’s decision to visit one of the world’s most romantic destinations in order not to have a relationship.Andre Gerolymatos is a Canadian historian of modern Greece, a Vancouver academic who writes with sadness, horror and compassion of how his country of origin provided such a dark, but now largely forgotten tragedy at the end of the Second World War.

Jolie said in an interview in 2005, “To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive.” But then it all depends what you mean by “intimacy”.

Typically the defendants in civil lawsuits can be present for depositions of their accusers.

But acting state Supreme Court Justice Robert Wiggins ruled on April 2 that Pignato will have to watch the depositions via a video connection, and can communicate with his attorney if he needs to do so.

Take a look – a brief one, if you value your sanity – into the world of ELAS (the Greek People’s Liberation Army) socialist and communist killings.

“The standard means of execution was the axe or meat cleaver,” Gerolymatos writes.

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