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Naj sexi lady chatterley

Nadalje, pri višim temperaturama životinje su manje vjerne svom partneru - gdje se promjene kime događaju češće i manje očekivano monogamne ženke pare se s više mužjaka.

A i kod ljudi nije sve kako valja - što je temperatura viša to se za 9 mjeseci rađa manje djece.

In the latest film adaptation of the book, French director Pascale Ferran underlines the same idea with endless scene-setting shots of nature: snow blowing through the air, a lizard climbing a wall, flowers in a field, drifting clouds, a placid lake surface, chickens wandering loose, the moon, buds emerging after winter, and on and on.

Ferran does supply sex as well as sexual symbolism, but the two are equally placid and ruminative, and the Better Homes And Gardens visual approach makes for a mighty sleepy film.

It can be a strong thread tying otherwise loose ends of life together in a holistic fashion.

For years I have read erotic novels and watched erotic films (both pornographic and artsy).

U posljednja dva desetljeća povišene temperature atmosfere narušile su reproduktivni život biljaka i životinja, na razne načine.

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So, it is only in my lifetime that this piece of classic literature has been widely available.