Free adult dating orange county

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Free adult dating orange county

Structured, skill building approach based on the book "Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century." Authored by Tony Fiore, Ph. This group is for men and women who would like to explore their relational lives.The challenges, ambivalences, and emotional turbulence encountered in the quest for establishing and maintaining intimate relationships are the group’s central focus.During each group session, teens are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills in session during socialization activities. This group is for men who would like to explore the challenges of manhood and masculinity in contemporary culture.

Poor choices of partners are approached from the perspective of emotional recovery and the processing of self-sabotaging defensive functions laid down in one’s personality early in life.

This group is appropriate for singles, divorced persons, married persons, and those who are involved in a significant relationship.

This bilingual group is for victims of abuse under the program called "Love Without Violence." This includes victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and more. This group is for men and women who struggle with issues related to compulsivity in, and addiction to, love and romantic relationships.

These are separate organizations, individuals and companies we do not have control over.

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We take away the stress of learning how to swim, taking each step slow while we build up your confidence — one stroke at a time.

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