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Which would be pointless because I need the random numbers to be unique for the most part.(I know they cant be truly 100% unique if they are generated randomly) So my question is can I create a random seed not based on system time and if so how, why does It's not clear what your requirements are or what your platform is.One big highlight for me has been that I’ve been getting great feedback and responses from both the gaming community and the arts and new-media community.I’ve been really happy that the project has resonated with both, or at least given them a few minutes of Watching the chat in Twitch has been really funny and bizarre. I haven’t been able to keep up with how the story has progressed, but it’s been fascinating tosee?It's not the best strategy in every situation, but in this case her partner was definitely a bad sport for no reason.Some commenters, though, are convinced the whole thing was a prank or an out-of-the-box publicity stunt for Sprite — the drink of choice for the lucky man who got to kiss the girl.

I worked on a version where the deer caused explosions anytime something threatening approached [seen in the video above at the mark], but I think it’s much more affecting and troubling and relatable to have the deer wander aimlessly and endlessly, with no ability to fight back, but also no ability to be harmed.

A quick web search for "randcam" showed me this german page “Zufallszahlen aus der Webcam”, which translates to “random numbers from the web cam”.

(All other hits on the first Google result page are about an unrelated Pistonless rotary engine).

My problem is, that I do not really understand how the generation of the random numbers works.

Has anyone heard of this principle before and can give some hints how it could be implemented?

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